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Ottawa Shirt Printing

Ottawa Shirt Printing


Ottawa shirt printing puts the customer first and on topmost priority. Services like screen printing, embroidery, and custom t-shirts are offered to the customers. There is an experienced and dedicated team to meet the needs of the customers. The customers are offered best in the industry services through the high-class printing equipment and apparel.


The customer is always given priority over profits and the low-cost model benefits are passed on to the customers. The services are provided to the customers at a highly competitive price point. The importance of printing project for the customer is valued and the dedicated and expert team works to ensure the customer gets delivered as per their requirements. Complete mockup of the final product is provided to the customer. Then the final order is processed on the state of the art equipment. The order is delivered to the customer address at no additional cost.


Services Offered

The customers get a wide range of services. Services like screen printing, custom printed t-shirts, embroidery and blank apparels are provided. The brief description of the services being offered are provided below:


Screen Printing

Screen printing in an economical way to print in quantities of 12 or more. Only the best quality inks and printing equipment is used to provide you with a long-lasting screen print. Screen printing can be done on products like t-shirts, shirts, jackets, caps, sweater, bags, etc. Utmost care is taken that the screen printing is beautiful and stands out for it to make the desired impact. The greater the print quantity, the greater the savings for the customer.


Custom T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts printing are used as an alternative to screen printing for low order sizes. It allows high-quality prints and there are no restrictions on minimum order quantity. The customer provides the artwork or design to be printed. The artwork is then formatted and finalized by the technical team and confirmed with the customer before final printing. Most of the custom t-shirts orders are completed on the same day.



Embroidery is done on different products like caps, jackets, t-shirts, bags, denim etc. In this process, an embroidery machine is used to create design patterns on different products. Different types of machine embroidery options like- free motion sewing machine embroidery, link stitch embroidery, and computerized machine embroidery are offered.


Blank Apparels

Blank apparels are also sold. More than 100 styles of t-shirts, tops, hoodies, fleece, trousers, hats, caps etc. for offering to the customers. The prices are highly competitive and there are no minimum order restrictions.


Why Chose Ottawa Shirt Printing

Only the best services to the customers are provided at the most competitive rates. Best quality apparels and state of the art printing equipment are used to ensure the customers get a high-quality output. The minimum order restrictions are kept very low which provide flexibility to the customers. The dedicated team works with utmost care to meet the customer needs. The Complete mockup is provided to the customer before the final printing of the order so that there is no confusion or disappointment afterward.  Fast order processing is also provided to the customers and also free local delivery to their addresses is also done.


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