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Ottawa Screen Printing

Ottawa Screen Printing


Ottawa screen printing provides screen printing on various type of garments and products. Silk screen printing is done on custom orders on t-shirts and other garment types. The customers get flexibility in getting screen printing on their orders either in bulk quantity or with minimal orders. Screen printing services are provided to a number of local businesses and establishments in order to help them promote their business in a better and effective manner. Orders are undertaken and processed in bulk for various clients in highly competitive rates. Attractive offers are also provided for bulk screen printing orders.  A team of dedicated and experienced professionals handle and process your orders to meet your expectations and even exceed it at times. The Customer is the priority and profits come afterward, as happy customers will automatically lead to sustainable profits. Hence, the best in the industry services are offered at very competitive rates which the customers find attractive.


Screen Printing at Our Place

Screen printing is a technique where the ink is applied directly on the surface on which the printing has to be done to print a stencil or graphic. The screen printing services are offered in lots of 12. Only the best quality ink and best in the industry equipment are used to provide a beautiful and durable screen print. Such high-quality screen prints are sure to stand out and promote your business effectively. Screen printing is done on different products like t-shirts, shirts, jackets, hoodies, fleece, bags, trousers, sweaters etc.


The team of experts works with the customers to provide them the best possible quality and results. A complete mockup is shared with the valued customers before the final printing is done to ensure their satisfaction. Express delivery is also done to the customers at a very nominal extra cost. Delivery to the local customers at their office or home address is done without any additional charges.


Screen Printing Options Offered

The following options are provided for screen printing:



This is the most common ink used in t shirt printing cheap. It bonds into the fabric providing a long-lasting print. The print can be made thinner or thicker by adding additives. The additives also provide different types of visual effects also while printing.


Water Based

Water-based inks are recommended for printing darker colors on light colored cotton fabrics. Water-based inks get soaked into the fabric. Once the water evaporates, only the pigment is left and this creates a softer feel. Water-based inks are not properly soaked in fabrics like rayon, polyester etc. and is mostly used for cotton fabrics only.


Water-Based White Inks

Water-based white inks are used for printing white water-based prints into darker colored fabrics. This ink is allowed to sit on top of the print like plastisol and not allowed to be absorbed into the fabric.



Discharge inks are used for softer feel light prints on dark colored fabrics. These inks remove the color of the fabric making it turn to the original color of the milled fabric. These inks remove the dyed color of the fabric and replace with the print color. These inks are not as versatile as plastisol inks and sometimes the original color is difficult to manage.

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